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Save the Dates

Sending out the formal announcements that you are getting married is so exciting!  Shout it from the rooftop!  There are so many different options when it comes to your announcements…do you want to send a recent engagement photo?  Maybe a unique thumbprint design that the two of you share…How do you want to tell your world that you are getting married?


Wedding Invitations

Your invitations will be the first impression of your wedding that you give your guests.  The announcements are just that, announcements that you are engaged.  They don’t capture the ambiance of your big day…that’s what the invitations do!  There are so many different styles for your invitations.  Are you looking to select the templates and have them printed for you?  Or, do you prefer more of a DIY project?

Some of the invitations I have found for my Rustic Country Style Wedding are amazing!  However, I’m not sure yet if I will do the printing myself and hand decorate them, or have them printed.  Only time will tell…I will keep you all posted on my final picks.